4 Ways You Can Break Dentures

Dentures offer an alternative to natural teeth for individuals who’ve had them extracted. Dentures usually contain false teeth fixed on a gum plate that attaches to the gums of the mouth. Dentures can last for as long as eight years, there’s also many things that can decrease this time frame. Broken dentures are one of the most common problems bothering denture wearers.

Breaking dentures is accidental but it happens so easily, usually when least expected. Some of the most common ways dentures are broken include:

1.    Dropping Them: Dropping dentures is the most common way people break them. If dentures hit the floor or another object with any amount of force, there is a great risk they’ll break.

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2.    Improper Cleaning: Cleaning dentures removes food particles and other debris that can get stuck on the tooth and cause breaks, chips, and other types of damages. Be sure to clean the dentures every day to reduce this risk.

3.    Sitting Something on Top: It is important to handle dentures only in the bathroom with clean hands. Have a special container to hold the dentures inside at night when not in use. A common way that dentures can break is by an object being sitting on top of them that crushes them.

4.    Improper Handling: Sometimes nothing more than improper handling causes dentures to break or otherwise become damaged. Do not handle dentures in a rough or negligent manner to reduce the risks they’ll break.

It may benefit you to learn how to repair broken dentures cartersville since it can so easily happen. Learning how to make your own repairs saves time and money against the costs of a dental visit. However, recognize that minor repairs are all that can be repaired without the help of a dental professional.