Environmentally Safe Cleaning We Can All Do

Cleaning is a task that none of us look forward to or enjoy doing.  When it comes to cleaning we are lugging out large pieces of equipment, climbing up on ladders, scrubbing stains and those hard to reach areas and so much more.  On top of that, we are using harsh chemicals that can irritate our skin, nose and eyes.  When it comes to cleaning this is something that really needs to change.  One way to do this is to use eco friendly commercial cleaning denver co services. With eco-friendly products and services we are taking the harshness out of our cleaning process.

Lemons and oranges

For those that have looked into the eco-friendly cleaning process citrus fruits are top on the list of items that can be used in the cleaning process.  The acid in lemons and oranges are used as the cleaning base for many eco-friendly products.  These also have good scents that won’t harm the eyes or irritate the skin.

Water based

You want to work with water-based products as well. When we work with a water-based product, they don’t leave a chemical residue on our furniture and other surfaces.  With water-based products they are also stain free and won’t do damage to furniture and other surfaces.

Less stress on the body

With eco-friendly products you are also putting less stress on the body.  When working with chemical based products you need to wait for a chemical reaction to occur and then add heat and friction to get them to work together. 

eco friendly commercial cleaning denver co


With eco-friendly products you may pay a little bit more but in the long run you will be getting a better product and you won’t be doing damage to yourself or the environment.  Also, if you hire companies that use eco-friendly products you are helping to legitimize the practice which will turn more companies onto eco products which in turn will help save the environment.