How to Dispose of Old Machinery

Perhaps you are updating the machinery used at your business. Maybe you are relocating and want to start over. Maybe you simply have too many pieces of equipment and need to downsize. No matter the reason you need to part with the machinery used at your business, there are endless options for proper disposal.


Trade-in options for those who want to upgrade their machinery reduces the costs of the new items that you purchase. Find local Los Angeles dealers who offer trade-in, since the option isn’t available for every seller.

Sell It

If you don’t need the machinery any longer, selling it is an option that allows you to recoup some of the money put into the equipment and helps out another business owner in the process. You’ll find many spots to advertise the machinery for sale, but do your research ahead of time to ensure that you’re listing the items at a fair price to you and the buyer alike.


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Send your machinery to a recycle center and keep it out of the landfills. Many recycle centers can strip the machinery and equipment in the home since they can reuse parts from inside the item.

Donate It

Depending on the type of machinery used at your business, a donation may be possible -and may have a few tax breaks in it for you. Search the Los Angeles area to find organizations that may need the equipment that you have. It feels good to give a helping hand now and again.

Moving Professionals Available

Keep in mind that machinery movers los angeles are available to help move machinery of all sizes if your problem is transporting the goods. Costs to hire machinery movers vary, but it is certainly less expensive than replacing the machinery.